Guided Tasting Experience (Indoors)



Book your tasting around our harvest table with one of the Westcott family and team members to guide you through the portfolio of our wines.  Book either a 30 minute structured tasting of 4 of our classic wines (Sparkling, Chardonnay, Rosé and Pinot Noir) or a 60 minute VIP tasting of up to 10 wines including barrel and tank samples as available.   As we navigate Covid-19, please note there will be no sharing of tastings, and we will include personal spittoons for each guest as requested.  We allow 4 people at a time, with two at each harvest table so we have a max of 4 guests in the room at a time. 


I want to book for 3 guests, or 4 guests. How do I do that?

Please book for 2 guests and include a note in your order that you plan to bring 3 or 4 guests and we will charge you for the extra when you arrive.

Do you have washrooms?

Yes we have outdoor washrooms which are sanitized regularly.

What if I bring a Designated Driver?  How much do they pay?

We charge per person and don't allow sharing of tastings as we navigate Covid-19.  We will treat your DD very well and provide them with a glass (or two if it's an hour booking) of Verjus which is a non-alcohol version of our Pinot Noir wine.  

What about food?

You can now book to eat under our Bedouin tent outdoors, and will require a reservation.

Can't I just drop in like I used to do?

We know you want to get "back to normal" and we're trying our best to accommodate all the expectations of our guests.  We are now requiring reservations for all visits to Westcott except for curbside pick up.  If you'd like to just purchase wine, you can do so online and click the "Pick up at winery" button and simply phone when you are here from your vehicle.  This ensures that we can manage the number of guests and sanitize properly between each visitor.  At this stage, we don't know how long this will last, but the feedback from guests has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of reservations only here. They like the lack of crowds, and we love being able to actually get to know the guests and what they like in wine, plus we have so much space we are able to ensure social distancing in a calm, relaxed environment for all.  

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