Structured Tasting Experience



Book your tasting around our harvest table with one of the Westcott family and team members to guide you through the portfolio of our wines.  Book either a 30 minute structured tasting of 4 of our classic wines (Sparkling, Chardonnay, Rosé and Pinot Noir) or a 60 minute VIP tasting of up to 10 wines including barrel and tank samples as available.  Max 4 guests for each tasting and please be sure to mark the quantity as the number of guests.  As we navigate Covid-19, please note there will be no sharing of tastings, and we will include personal spittoons for each guest as requested.

Please note: We will be allowing reservations for outdoor tasting flights in June as well. These are self-directed and include a flight board of 4 wines for $10. Watch this space!

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