Westcott is proud to be pouring our Chardonnays alongside some of the best Chardonnay producers in the world this summer.  Join us at the coolest event of the year, #i4c2018.  We will be hosting a Chardonnay themed lunch with visiting winemakers from South Africa & Nova Scotia, pouring our wines on both the Friday night Flights of Chardonnay event, and the Saturday night World Tour event.  Please check out the website: www.coolchardonnay.org for all the details about the events all weekend long and to purchase tickets.



Summer 2009: A handful of winemakers lounged in lawn chairs around a summer fire celebrating the success of one of their own. They gathered to raise a toast to the Ontario wine that had just triumphed at the 2009 CellierWine Awards in Montreal. In Canada’s own version of Bottle Shock a Niagara wine won the prestigious award, surpassing Burgundian and California Chardonnays in a blind taste test. (The wine: Claystone Terrace Chardonnay 2005 from Le Clos Jordanne.) The significance of this win wasn’t lost on those celebrating, and the wheels were turning as the glasses were swirling.
These winemakers have long believed that Chardonnay - one of the most widely cultivated varietals in Ontario – is deserving of a renaissance... It’s resilient and refined. It canbe steely or floral, complex or focused. It expresses terroir better than any other grape we grow. And when Chardonnay is complemented with a bit of cool - cool by altitude, by latitude, by marine influence or by climatic conditions it can create magical wines that can easily refute the already waning “ABC – Anything but Chardonnay” movement. The outcome of that impromptu backyard celebration is a much bigger one– the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration (the “i4C”).
Twenty-eight Ontario wineries started the not-for-profit group in April 2010, devoted to reinstating the dignity of Chardonnay. Over the past seven years, this group has invited premium cool climate Chardonnay producers from across the globe to join the cause, presenting some of the finest examples of cool climate Chardonnay in the world at the annual event. In this short time, the i4C has created a home for excellence in Chardonnay a casual but in-depth weekend celebration of wine, food and learning, with an eye to reinvigorating a seriously cool wine.


After five years of celebrating the coolest grape on earth, the Chardonnistas decided it was time to invite some other cool characterstoshare the spotlight... In 2016, the i4C launched its “i4C+” Campaign. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Gamay - varietalsselected for their shared “coolness” - are now poured at select events throughout the weekend. GRAND CRU SPONSORS
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  • 2018 marks the 8th Anniversary of the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration
  • 45 Ontario wineries are members of the i4C Association
  • Over 190 wineries from 40 cool climate wine regions have participatedincluding some of the world’s mosteminent producers: Louis Jadot, Drouhin, Taittinger, Champy, Laroche, Torres, Kistler, Ramey, Kumeu River, La Crema and Hamilton Russell
  • Over 13,000 consumers havecelebrated in the heart of Ontario’swine country
  • 763 different cool climate Chardonnays and Blanc de Blancs have been poured
  • Industry support from all key stakeholder groups in the industry: LCBO VINTAGES, VQA Wines of Ontario and Wine Country Ontario, Grape Growers of Ontario, CCOVI at Brock University, Niagara College, and numerous industry suppliers
  • The i4C is not a competition; rather it is a celebration of exceptional cool climate wines
  • The i4C mandate states that a minimum of 50% of the annual participants are from outside of Ontario to ensure a true exploration of the nuances of cool climate Chardonnay * The “i4C” is:
    i – International
    4 C’s – Cool, Climate, Chardonnay, and Celebration